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The Department of Respiratory Disease at Indus Hospital offers round the clock diagnostic & treatment of Respiratory Disease which include  conditions like asthma, COPD, lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other severe chest illnesses/conditions.

Patient care is provided by a team of dedicated, highly trained respiratory physicians along with various clinical and support services. Additional support is provided by the respiratory technicians, physiotherapists and patient counselors.

The department is well equipped with the latest technologies in the field of respiratory care to serve the best to the patients. We offer out-patient, in-patient and intensive care services. Our excellence is based on a combination of multidisciplinary teams, the most advanced clinical facilities and a focus on clinical quality.

The Department has a unique Respiratory Intensive Care Unit , one of its kind in this country equipped with Endo Bronchial Ultrasound (EBUS), video bronchoscope and medical thoracoscopy. The department provides active patient care service in the following areas:

  1. 1. Clinical Pulmonology
  2. 2. Asthma Allergy
  3. 3. Interventional Pulmonology
  4. 4. Sleep Disorder
  5. 5. Chest Wall Disorder

The highly qualified and experienced team of Respiratory Disease at Indus Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive, easy to access & compassionate care to the patient as per internationally accepted standards, evidence based medicine & protocols.

Indus Hospital, the best hospital for Respiratory Disease in Jaipur, Our pulmonologists are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced care, and they focus on the following:

  • Patient centricity
  • Specialized pulmonary medicine expertise
  • Comprehensive pharmacologic and interventional treatment of respiratory ailments
  • Long-term follow-up care to keep the ailment under control, thereby helping the patient return to the highest level of function and independence possible
  • Periodic testing to ensure that medications remain synchronized with evolving medical needs of the patient.

Even if you suffer from a rare respiratory condition or a complex anomaly, rest assured that our full continuum of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures will help you bounce back to health.

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