Department of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

The Department of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery at Indus Hospital offers round the clock diagnostic & treatment of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery services which includes Robotic Bariatric Surgery, Metabolic Surgery which helps the obesity of a patient soon when we compare it with other options to reduce Fat. There are three main bariatric surgery procedures that are widely used. These are gastric bypass, a gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric bypass is the most commonly used bariatric procedure worldwide, according to the ASMBS.

The best experienced team of Department Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery manage patients for treatments with the support of fully advanced Robotic Machines. We are Rajasthan’s 1st Robotic Surgery Center with the best team of Robotic & Metabolic Surgeries.

We have well equipped Intensive Care Unit for after surgery observations. Our procedures of treatment include in the Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery department. 

  1. 1. Laparoscopic Biliopancreatic Diversion
  2. 2. Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch
  3. 3. Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy 
  4. 4. Mini Gastric Bypass
  5. 5. Ileal Transposition
  6. 6. Robotic Surgeries 
  7. 7. Gastric Bypass 

The highly qualified and experienced team of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery at Indus Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive, easy to access & compassionate care to the patient as per internationally accepted standards , evidence based medicine & protocols.

Indus Hospital, the best hospital for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeries in Jaipur, provides the full range of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery. Some of the benefits of treatment through Robotic Surgeries are followings:

  • Lower risk of adverse side effects
  • Quicker return to normal activity
  • Shorter Hospitalisation Time
  • Minimal Scars & Less Pain
  • Minimal Blood Transfusion
  • More Precise

 This technology provides the surgeon with a 10x magnified, high-definition, 3D-image of the body’s intricate anatomy, which is far better than laparoscopic surgeries.

Dr. Mansimrat Paul Singh