Patients Video Testimonial

We are committed to provide our patients best quality care and treatment. Here are some of our patients testimonials, you can watch these and know what our patients says about us.

Ureter stone removal by Laser treatment | Patient Testimonial | Dr. Naresh Kumar Garg
Patient Testimonial | Normal Delivery | Dr. Mamta Mehta | Indus Jaipur Hospital
Successful Total Knee Replacement Surgery | Patient Recovery After 1.5 Months | Dr. Dilip Mehta
L4 L5 Nerve compression released by surgery | Dr. Mukesh Haritwal
96 yrs old dadi’s successful cardiovascular vein surgery | vein blockage in both legs
4 महीने के बच्चे का किया दिल में छेद का सफल ऑपरेशन | Dr. Vinod Gupta & Dr. Deepak Gupta
Complete Heart Blockage | Patient survival in least possibilities | Testimonial
Life after Total Knee Replacement – Patient’s Workout Video.
Total Knee Replacement | Patient’s Testimonial
Patient testimonial | Kidney Stone treatment with Laser | Dr. Naresh Garg
Hip fracture in Parkinson’s Disease Patient | Dual Mobility Hip System used
Uterine Fibroids Removed | Hysterectomy done by Dr. Mamta Mehta
Successful Meniscus Root Repair | Patient Recovery | Dr. Dilip Mehta
Successful Pyeloplasty done to correct PUJ obstruction | repair ureter | done by Dr. Naresh Garg
3 महीने के बच्चे का PA Banding करके किया दिल का सफल ऑपरेशन | Dr. Vinod Gupta & Dr. Deepak Gupta

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