General Laparoscopic Surgery

The Department of General Laparoscopic Surgery at Indus Hospital offers round the clock diagnostic & treatment of General Laparoscopic Surgery services which includes Laparoscopic Diagnostic, Laparoscopic Gynecology Treatment, which helps in minimally invasive surgeries of a patient.Laparoscopic surgery has the advantages of avoiding large open wounds or incisions and thus of decreasing blood loss, pain and discomfort. Patients have fewer unwanted effects from analgesia because less analgesia is required. 

The best-experienced team of Department General Laparoscopic Surgery manage patients for treatments with the support of fully advanced Laparoscope. We have the latest techniques & equipment to perform laparoscopic surgeries.

We have well equipped Intensive Care Unit for after surgery observations. Our procedures of treatment include in General Laparoscopic Surgery department. 

  1. 1. Appendix
  2. 2. Gallbladder
  3. 3. Liver Treatment
  4. 4. Spleen Treatment
  5. 5. Pancreas Treatment
  6. 6. Small/Large Intestine Issues 

The highly qualified and experienced team of General Laparoscopic Surgery at Indus Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive, easy to access & compassionate care to the patient as per internationally accepted standards, evidence-based medicine & protocols.

Indus Hospital, the best hospital for General Laparoscopic Surgery in Jaipur, provides the full range of General Laparoscopic Surgeries. Some of the benefits of treatment through General Laparoscopic Surgery:

  • Easy Mobility
  • Early Discharge
  • Faster Recovery
  • Smaller Incisions
  • Low risk of Infections
  • Less Dependency on Pain Relieves

 Laparoscopy, also known as diagnostic laparoscopy, is a surgical diagnostic procedure used to examine the organs inside the abdomen. It’s a low-risk, minimally invasive procedure that requires only small incisions

Dr. S.K. Saini